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Think of iWorkZone as your career manager, a set of tools designed to boost your understanding of your strengths, enhance your ability to market yourself effectively and put YOU in charge.

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Welcome to to iWorkZone: The next step in hiring solutions!

iWorkZone is a new approach to hiring focused on matching the right people with the right role.  Our proprietary matching system allows employees and employers to feel more confident when connecting over job opportunities.  Everyone starts from a better place with iWorkZone.

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For decades, employers have told us, "Find me someone who WANTS to do this job, and then let's discuss whether they have the skills to do it. We can train for skills, but we can train for motivation". After 2 1/2 years of development, iWorkZone is ready to help you find applicants who are PRE ASSESSED for internal motivation to do your specific jobs!


Job Seekers take our FIT: Focused Interest Test. This is a highly validated Interest and Behavioral assessment. When compared to the Targeted Talent Pattern iWorkZone develops for you, a % match is produced. The higher the %, the more internally motivated that person is to do that specific job.

Easy! You enter the names and email of your best workers, your "top performers", in your own, private iWorkZone account (no other employer can see your employees). iWorkZone administers a 20 minute assessment to each, and creates the Targeted Talent Pattern which you can use in your Job Posting.

Matching to our job board of assessed job seekers is automatic, 24/7, for as long as you post your job. There are no trial periods. Job Seekers matching at 75% or higher with your job are invited to apply. You see a detailed Applicant Insight Report on each applicant (click here for a sample). You get unlimited Targeted Talent Pattern creation, unlimited job postings of those patterns, and unlimited downloading of Applicant Insight Reports for each applicant.

With a Premium Account, you can adjust the 75% match up or down: too few applicants? Adjust it down. Too many? Adjust it up. You can also pro-actively go into the job seeker database to search for specific people. You also have the ability to post your job nationally, not just in your Workforce Region. Finally, you get a 10% discount on any of the optional assessments, virtual interviews and eLearning courses. See our catalog overview here. [link]

Unlimited Account holders pay a flat fee to use as many optional, fee-based assessments, virtual interviews and eLearning courses as they want. See our catalog overview here.[link] Of course, the core FIT motivational assessment and features in the Basic Account are always free.

Many employers use iWorkZone as part of their normal hiring process. Simply give applicants the link to and if they're a 75% or higher match on motivation for that job, they'll receive an invitation to apply. Or, if you're a Premium Account holder, iWorkZone will match according to whatever level you desire. Premium Account holders can also search for a specific applicant.

Pricing for Employers:

Free, Premium, Unlimited (Job Seekers always free. Non-Profits and Educators click above).



  • Create Talent Patterns
  • Post Jobs
  • Wait For Applicants
  • Assess Your Current Workforce


$2500 Per year

  • All The Premium & Basics +
  • 100 Credits to use on performance reviews, leadership testing, additional pre-hire testing
  • Assigned Staff Support Person


$1900 Per year

  • Premium Plus Account At A Discounted Rate
  • Must be a Certified 501 (c) 3

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    I have read a number of books on how to set goals and achieve them. I have gone through Covey's Time Management training. I have traveled thousands of miles to hear speakers tell me how to get my life and my business in order. With all of that, I still needed more help. I didn't have my focus the way that I needed it. I was too distracted and going in too many directions. Until...

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    The final step....

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Job Seekers:

Set your sights higher and get a road map to your future. Register and let iWorkZone spend 20 minutes getting to know you. You'll immediately find out how you're wired and how that impacts which careers, jobs, education and training programs just FIT you.

If you're looking for work, iWorkZone will send you an email every time it finds a job opening that fits your personality and interests. Login to your iWorkZone account and apply.

Plus, get a cutting edge digital resume with recorded cover "letter", upload certificates, diplomas and other documents, and learn how to gain a competitive advantage over other job seekers.

And, there's absolutely no cost, no advertisements and no spam!

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Workforce Pros:

Need more automation in supplying demand skills?

The needs are huge and the budgets are small. iWorkZone automates the assessment and referral process, giving your career counselors time to counsel. You get unlimited, highly validated behavioral and interest assessments tied to O*Net codes, unlimited insightful Coaching Reports so your Career Counselors can predict which jobs will lead to retention, how their clients will conduct their job searches, and tips on how best to motivate each individual.

Plus, you'll have the option to mine the database of job seeker and job postings to discover patterns and predictions in your regional workforce area.


What else can iWorkZone offer?

Other systems cost tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. $1900 per year gets you: unlimited career exploration assessments, unlimited Individual job seeker reports, unlimited career counselor Coaching reports, unlimited matching to jobs, and unlimited notifications to career counselors and basic system usage reporting.

We offer a totally free Basic level account to employers, giving them unlimited job postings of customized Targeted Talent Patterns, plus unlimited "Applicant Insight Reports" on matched job seekers. All of your region's job seekers who complete the iWorkZone FIT (behavioral and interest test) are automatically and scientifically matched to these postings. Employers get applicants who are internally motivated to do the job, solving many soft skills related problems. Job seekers get jobs they love, and workforce boards get higher placement and retention rates.

Our core Interest and Behavioral Assessment has been used for over 11 years, with over 12,000 job seekers and 420 employers in the U.S., Canada, Ireland and Australia. They are validated to be 99% accurate at predicting work type interest and 99% accurate as a predictive indicator for job matching. This assessment has been validated at 99% across ALL scales.

Our core behavioral and interest is written at approximately a 6th grade reading level. The test incorporates design features to make it engaging and fun. Our site is Sec 508 compliant. The test only takes 20-25 minutes, can be taken at any internet connected computer, and can be started and stopped as often as necessary. The user interfaces for job seekers, career counselors and employers are extremely simple.

For an extra $4,900, you'll receive access to our customized ad hoc database reporting tool. Run downloadable reports on nearly 100 different fields iWorkZone captures for your area. With iWorkZone, you go beyond historical labor market information with a real time Workforce Intelligence System that shows you skills supply AND demand metrics.

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The average college freshman dropout rate is 50%. How do you Recruit for Retention?

iWorkZone provides post secondary institutions with unprecedented ability to recruit prospective students based on retention. Our highly validated behavioral and interest assessment correlates with US Dept of Education Classification of Instructional Programs codes. Recruit for your schools offerings using a scientifically developed targeted marketing list of pre-assessed prospects. Stop shotgun recruiting that leads to poor freshman retention; iWorkZone gives you more prospects with predictive retention.


What else can iWorkZone offer?

iWorkZone performs an assessment of high school students, career changers and general job seekers in your region, and then it does something rather clever (if we don't say so ourselves...); it uses a validated correlation between that assessment and your program offerings to show:

  • 1) which students are most likely to complete college
  • 2) which programs will most likely capture the innate motivation of an individual prospective student?

With a Targeted Student Prospect report, your institution can automatically perform outreach based on science, not "spray and pray" recruitment!

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Economic Developers:

Trying to get the right skills in front of the right businesses?

Economic Developers: Get the most insightful, detailed labor market study available, a system that harvests regional supply and demand data 24/7, 365 AND an automated tool that DOES something with your stats!

Wondering if you just paid someone to tell you what you already knew, or if you got data and findings so broad, they could apply to almost any region? You need results, not charts. iWorkZone is a completely new way for Economic Developers and their partners to continuously and automatically collect AND USE regional skills data, drilling down to the individual jobs, workers and future workers in your region. Don’t settle for numbers: access the individuals behind those numbers and match / refer them to your existing and prospective businesses, all done automatically while you watch for big picture trends and opportunities.


What else can iWorkZone offer?

Exactly which employers in which industries want which skills? What skills do your job seekers have? What skills are they willing to acquire? What types of jobs motivate them? Are they willing to go to 2 or 4 year programs? Which programs? Which industries hire those graduates? iWorkZone gets you predictive, big picture answers AND the ability to drill down to the individuals represented by those numbers. Query ~ 90 data fields for skills supply and demand

Stop telling site selectors you have a great workforce - what economic development group DOESN'T say that? Prove it with iWorkZone's micro data and ability to actually source scientifically matched candidates to the exact jobs your prospect will fill. iWorkZone measures the targeted jobs, matches the results to its labor pool of pre-assessed job seekers, and tells you who is most likely going to apply for and stay with those jobs. Plus, iWorkZone even contacts those job seekers for you!

Your staff doesn't have to do anything other than promote and run reports. iWorkZone is totally user-driven, collecting big data on both sides of the labor equation. We'll give away the system to high schools so you can capture your emerging workforce.

iWorkZone works continually, 24/7, 365 gathering data and surveying job seekers and employers about skills needed, acquired, and being sought. No more historical snapshots of estimates; get today's data today, based on solid metrics

Others give you reports. iWorkZone give you historical reports, current conditions reports AND an automated, no-staff-involved tool to help individual businesses reduce labor and HR costs. iWorkZone does the work; you take the credit.

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Overwhelming needs and inadequate budgets? Think you need a magician?

Non-profits have it tough. iWorkZone knows that; we have worked in, and served on, the boards of many non-profits over the years. That's one reason we came up with, a budget-friendly, staff-friendly way to build wealth in a community and make a name for yourself as a change-maker, one job seeker at a time, one employer at a time.

iWorkZone meets the needs of employers and post secondary schools while meeting the needs of your job seekers and students. We focus on soft skills. By finding just the right jobs and training / education programs for your clients, employers find just the right workers for their positions, and schools find students who will finish the course. And, you get the credit! It's a win-win-win.

Our core assessment has a 99% validation across all scales, is written at a 6th grade reading level AND will make them laugh! Each job seekers / student gets a cutting-edge digital resume, complete with a recorded, digital cover letter (and we do the coaching!). Let you staff spend time with people, not computers. Let iWorkZone automate your assessment, reporting and referral.


What else can iWorkZone offer?

Most job matching is based on things a person can learn or in which they can get training: math, English, welding, truck driving, CNA, etc. iWorkZone is based on thousands of interviews with many hundreds of employers over a 30 year period. Here’s the secret: employers consistently told us, “Give us someone who WILL do the job, and we’ll train them on HOW to do the job. Stop sending me graduates from training programs who show no motivation for the work?.
If employers are convinced that motivation is the missing piece, then iWorkZone lets you complete the puzzle. We give students and job seekers a 20-25 minute, highly validated interest and behavioral assessment, written at about a 6th grade reading level. Job seekers immediately get a self-interpretive, comprehensive colorful report, detailing who they are and how that translates into finding personally rewarding jobs.
Your staff doesn't have to do anything other than promote its use and run reports. Once a job seeker finishes the assessment, iWorkZone starts matching their results to analyzed jobs actively posted in the system. Job Seekers get notified of jobs they'd probably like doing, and are invited to apply. With one click, that employer gets a notification plus an Applicant Insight Report that tells that employer exactly how this applicant has the potential to be their next Top Performer, even if they don't have the technical skills.
We don't spam. We don't pummel you, employers or job seekers with ads. We don't sell people's data to marketing firms. We use the data for community building by providing high-match soft skills information to post secondary education / training entities and, as each individual job seeker directs, with employers who
Job Seekers are brought into a positive, fun environment. Our science is serious, but our software is fun. We bet they've never taken an interest and behavioral assessment that has a 99% validation across all scales AND has them laughing.


Why chose us?

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